Election Results For The 2013 WIF Board

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Our Members have spoken and the following candidates have been re-elected to the Women In Film 2013 Board of Directors.

Bill Harris, CFO
Hannah Minghella, Executive Chair
Rena Ronson

Additionally, the following individual has been selected by the WIF Board to complete the term of a Director who is unable complete her full term. 

Tracy McKnight

The following current Directors have been elevated by the WIF Board to serve on the Executive Committee.

Madelyn Hammond, VP Marketing
Deborah Liebling, VP Membership
Elizabeth Raposo, VP Membership

Congratulations to our new and returning board members.

These Board Members will be continuing their current terms:

Cathy Schulman, President
Hannah Minghella, Executive Chair
Jane Fleming, President Emeritus
Iris Grossman, VP Fundraising & President Emeritus
Ghen Laraya Long, VP Technology
Orly Adelson
Adriana Alberghetti
Stephanie Allain
Darla K. Anderson
Rowena Arguelles
Holly Bario
Jane Buckingham
Susanne Daniels
Vicki Dummer
Danica Krislovich
Sue Naegle
Keri Putnam
Michelle Raimo Kouyate
Marion Rosenberg, O.B.E.
Shelby Stone
Mike Tschida
Winnie Wong
Mary Yoel

WIF also extends it heartfelt gratitude to our departing Board Members, who will be continuing their committee work as Women In Film Foundation Trustees and/or volunteers:

Janet Daily
Sarah Finn
Dawn Miller


We are also grateful to everyone who participated in our democratic process by voting.

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