The Legacy Series

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The Legacy Series was created to document the personal and creative worlds of exceptional women in Hollywood whose accomplishments paved the way for new generations of women working in the film and television industries. The filmed interviews of these inspiring women (working both behind and in front of the camera) create an enduring record of their extraordinary achievements.

Preserved and housed in a special Women In Film Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, this body of work is designed to be an invaluable source of research, knowledge, and inspiration for film aficionados, scholars, and future women in film television. The full-length versions of these interviews are available for public viewing as part of the Women In Film Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive Research and Study Center.


Through a series of one-on-one interviews conducted over the past 22 years, WIFF has built the Legacy Series into a significant library that includes videotaped interviews with the following trailblazing women:

  • DEBBIE ALLEN - Producer/Director/Actress/ Choreographer
  • PATRICIA BARRY – Actress/Past WIF President
  • MARILYN BERGMAN - Lyricist
  • ELSÉ BLANGSTED - Music Editor
  • BARBARA BOYLE - Chair, UCLA School Of Theater, Film And Television, Attorney/Producer/Executive
  • ANNE V. COATES - Editor
  • MARTHA COOLIDGE - Director
  • ELIZABETH GABLER - Producer/Executive
  • MOLLIE GREGORY – Writer/Novelist/Past WIF President
  • IRIS GROSSMAN - Agent/WIF President Emeritus
  • JOAN HYLER – Manager/Past WIF President
  • DOROTHY JEAKINS - Costume Designer
  • JUDITH JAMES - Producer
  • IRMA KALISH - Writer
  • FAY KANIN - Writer
  • EVELYN KEYES - Actress
  • PIPER LAURIE - Actress, Director
  • NANCY MALONE - Director
  • CARYN MANDABACH - Producer
  • MARCIA NASATIR - Producer/Production Executive
  • PENNY MARSHALL - Director/Producer/Actress
  • LUPE ONTIVEROS - Actress
  • MARGARET O'BRIEN - Actress
  • DOROTHEA G. PETRIE - Producer
  • MARION ROSENBERG, O.B.E. - Personal Manager/Producer
  • EVA MARIE SAINT - Actress
  • NANCY SCHREIBER - Cinematographer
  • CATHY SCHULMAN - Producer/Executive
  • SUSAN SMITH - Manager
  • GLORIA STUART - Actress
  • JOAN TEWKESBURY – Director/Writer
  • JULIE WEISS – Costume Designer
  • META WILDE - Script Supervisor
  • BEVERLY WOOD – EVP, Deluxe Laboratories
  • FAY WRAY - Actress
  • JANE WYATT - Actress
  • LAURA ZISKIN - Producer


Many of these inspiring histories would be lost forever if it weren’t for the Legacy Series and its partner, the UCLA Motion Picture Archive. The Women In Film Collection at the UCLA Film and Television Archive is the only collection in the world dedicated to preserving the history of women in Hollywood. The WIFF Fellowship with the UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies (MIAS) program ensures the continued long-term preservation of women’s outstanding achievements in film. The WIFF/MIAS fellowship is awarded annually to a UCLA MIAS graduate student.
The UCLA Motion Picture Archive has the complete collection of Legacy Series interviews available for research and viewing. They are archived at the Women in Film Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive: For more information, or to arrange research viewing, please contact the Archive Research and Study Center (ARSC) at 310-206-5388, or by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Website:

These audio and video interviews are also available for licensing for film, television, dvd and internet programming.

For more information on licensing, or on other areas of the Legacy Series, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Legacy Series Team

Chair – Ilene Kahn Power
Co-Chairs – Susan Cartsonis and Linda Feferman
Chair Emeritus – Dorothea Petrie
Committee - Debbi Bossi, Hollace Davids, Jane Garcia, Felicia Henderson, Sharon Lawrence, Michele Robertson, Marion Rosenberg

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